Ministry to develop charter for professional journalism

Ministry to develop charter for professional journalism

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Minister of Information Neth Pheaktra at a seminar on orientation and inputs for a ‘National Charter for Professional Journalism’ in Cambodia on Friday. KT/Khem Sovannara
The Ministry of Information has commenced the process of drafting a National Charter for Professional Journalism.The overarching aim of the charter is to establish a uniform standard of ethical and professional conduct to help guide journalists and media stakeholders.

The initiative underscores the commitment of the government to foster an effective democratic system and to promote and uphold professional responsibility across the media landscape.

Minister of Information Neth Pheaktra highlighted the importance of the charter during a seminar held to gather inputs from stakeholders regarding the professional journalism charter at the ministry on Friday.

He said the journalistic charter marks the first time a formal statement of principles for journalists in Cambodia is being formulated. The process of creating the charter will provide an opportunity for journalists, media outlets, civil and professional associations along with other stakeholders to participate actively towards shaping the future of journalism in Cambodia.

Pheaktra added that the Charter for Professional Journalism will serve as a national standard of practice, guiding stakeholders to contribute to the development of democracy while upholding freedom of the press and freedom of expression.

Additionally, the charter aims to enhance press freedom by bolstering the quality and capacity of professionals through reinforcing adherence to professional ethics.

“Upon its establishment and promulgation, the charter will enable media outlets and associations to formulate their own codes of conduct, ensuring that members adhere to national professional standards and ethical guidelines,” he said.

Spokesman for the Ministry of Information Tep Asnarith highlighted the evolving landscape of digital technology and the growing use of digital media, particularly on large social media platforms.

He noted that such platforms have become into integral sources of news and information, and they are creating new avenues of direct communication between local authorities and people, which can contribute to problem-solving within communities.

“The charter concerns the social role of journalists and their contribution to community development. We reiterate the government’s commitment to promote and protect freedom of expression and the press, particularly in the current mandate,” he said.

Following the seminar, the Ministry of Information said that it hopes all the participants had gained a clear understanding of the responsibilities of journalists, and also of the importance of upholding professional standards in their daily work.

The ministry also commended the active involvement of journalists at the seminar for suggesting ideas to help develop the National Charter for Professional Journalism. It stressed the importance of its role to elevate the profession of journalism, and to advance the media sector.

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