• June 13, 2024
 Tourists from India discover the beauty of Angkor Wat

Tourists from India discover the beauty of Angkor Wat

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132 Indian tourists have embarked on a captivating journey to Cambodia, with their primary destination being the awe-inspiring temples of Angkor Wat in Siem Reap. These eager visitors entered Cambodia through the Poipet International Border Gate and are excited to explore the country’s rich cultural heritage and breathtaking landscapes, including various renowned resorts.

According to Brigadier General E Chamroeun, Chief of Immigration Police at the Poipet International Border Checkpoint, Indian tourists, including 27 females, entered Cambodia on January 6, 2024. Their adventure started with the magnificent Angkor Wat temples, one of the most iconic UNESCO World Heritage sites.

After immersing themselves in the architectural wonders and historical significance of Angkor Wat, the Indian tourists plan to continue their exploration at several resort areas in Cambodia. From the stunning beaches in Sihanoukville to the charming riverside town of Kampot, they seek to uncover Cambodia’s diverse beauty.

The trip’s itinerary is carefully designed to provide these tourists with an unforgettable experience of Cambodia’s cultural heritage and natural wonders. The group intends to return to Thailand through Phnom Penh International Airport on January 9, 2024, concluding their journey enriched with the memories and discoveries they shared throughout their stay.

Brigadier General Chamroeun revealed that the Poipet International Border Gate witnessed a significant number of tourists throughout the month of January 6, 2024. On that day alone, a staggering 19,708 tourists, including 9,805 females, entered Cambodia through this gateway. Simultaneously, 19,448 guests, with 9,626 females, left Cambodia for Thailand, indicating the vibrant flow of people between the two countries.

This influx of Indian tourists marks a positive trend for Cambodia’s tourism sector and reinforces the country’s position as a preferred destination for travelers. The allure and aura of Angkor Wat continue to captivate visitors from around the world, and its grandeur remains unparalleled.

As Cambodia aims to attract even more tourists in the coming years, the government and local authorities acknowledge the need to enhance infrastructure and tourism services. Efforts are being made to improve transportation links, develop quality accommodations, and provide exceptional visitor experiences, ensuring that every tourist’s journey to Cambodia is enriching and convenient.

Visiting the world-renowned Angkor Wat and its surrounding attractions contributes to Cambodia’s tourism revenue, allowing the country to invest in sustainable tourism practices and foster economic growth. The cultural significance of these sites and the country’s natural beauty make Cambodia a truly remarkable destination for travelers seeking to immerse themselves in a world of wonders.

“Our journey to Cambodia has been an incredible experience, filled with wonder and amazement. Angkor Wat’s beauty and the Cambodian people’s warmth have left an indelible mark on us. We will forever cherish the memories we made while exploring this enchanting country

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