• June 13, 2024
 “Peace Day In Cambodia” responds to Cambodian people’s sacred desire for peace

“Peace Day In Cambodia” responds to Cambodian people’s sacred desire for peace

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Thanks to Peace. The Win-Win monument. AKP

“Peace Day in Cambodia” is in response to the sacred desire of the Cambodian people to love peace and hate war, stated the Royal Government’s sub-decree issued Monday.

According to the four-article sub-decree, Dec. 29 every year is designated as the “Peace Day in Cambodia”, an official national festival in the Kingdom of Cambodia.

The “Peace Day in Cambodia” is also aimed to commemorate the complete end to the war and the establishment of full peace and national unity in the Kingdom of Cambodia thanks to the Win-Win policy on Dec. 29, 1998.

Moreover, it is a reminder of gratitude and remembrance of the heroic deeds and sacrifices of Cambodian patriotic heroes and heroines who have fought hard in every battle –war, diplomatic and political battlefields – until the complete end of the war in Cambodia and the achievement of national reconciliation and national unity, bringing the Cambodian nation and people peace throughout the country.

The event will remind all generations of Cambodians, both now and in the future, to always remember the great destruction of the nation and the misery of the Cambodian people, as well as the consequences of war and national division, and inspire them to hate war, but to better understand the “values of peace” and work together to promote the “Culture of Peace” in Cambodia, especially to protect and maintain “peace”, which is the life of the nation and the most valuable foundation for the development of the nation and the happiness the Cambodian people with sustainability and prosperity.

With the “Peace Day in Cambodia” as another public holiday, there are in total 23 public holidays in Cambodia in 2024. AKP

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