• June 13, 2024
 NACD’s no drugs app showing signs of success

NACD’s no drugs app showing signs of success

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Neth Pheaktra (R), Minister of Information, shows the NoDrug app installed on a mobile phone on Saturday. KT/Khem Sovannara
The Minister of Information confirmed that over a month since the launch of the mobile app ‘NoDrug,’ more than 8,600 people have downloaded and used the mobile app to report drug offences across the country.

Neth Pheaktra, Minister of Information and Chairman of the Education Commission of the 9th Anti-Drug Campaign Command, said at a meeting to review the outreach work on Saturday, that after the authority launched the mobile application on https://nodrugsnacd.com, from April 23, over a 30 day period, 8,604 people have downloaded and installed the app.

He said that this was a positive step in education and the fight against drugs by using new technology and social media, and he believed that the number of users of the app would increase, helping to prevent and assist in the crackdown on drug crimes.

He added that the establishment of the application is at the initiative of Prime Minister Hun Manet and under the leadership of Neth Savoeun, Chairman of the National Authority for Combating Drugs (NACD).

“Education is the number one priority in the 9th Anti-Drug Campaign (2024), and the Commission for the Promotion of Education is leading the cross-sectorial efforts to raise awareness of the negative effects of drugs and inspire an anti-drug movement among the people, encouraging them to report drug offences to authorities,” he said.

He called on all stakeholders to install and use the app and to promote it amongst family members and friends to build a drug-free society.

He said that people can report drug trafficking or use via the app. Over the last month the police have received information from the public leading to arrests, he added.

Secretary-General of the NACD, General Meas Vyrith, said yesterday that after launch of the app for over a month, he observed that more people were downloading it and reporting drug offences across the country.

Gen Vyrith also urged people and local authorities to download the programme to report illegal drug use in their communities.

“I think the app is effective for reporting drug offences, and we urge people to install it to ensure their communities are free of trafficking and usage,” he said.

He also said that according to the report of the mobile application management team, many cases of drug trafficking and use have been reported, allowing the authorities to crack down on drug crime.

In addition, on April 23, 2024, the Ministry of Information announced the launch of the NoDrug mobile application to strengthen and expand the scope of education on the effects and dangers of drugs.

The mobile application is an educational application designed for public users to learn more about drugs. Users can use this application to see educational videos, messages, news, and articles to gain knowledge about the negative impact drugs have had.

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