• June 13, 2024
 Ministry urges action to protect fisheries, releases fingerlings

Ministry urges action to protect fisheries, releases fingerlings

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On World Fisheries Day celebrated last week, the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries urged fishermen to safeguard fishery resources by avoiding the use of illegal fishing equipment. Authorities also released approximately 3 million fingerlings into natural habitats.

Underscoring the sector’s vital role in food security and global nutrition, the ministry noted its contributions to local livelihoods, agro-tourism and cultural preservation.

“Cambodia is home to crucial aquatic species, including freshwater dolphins and colossal freshwater stingrays. Freshwater dolphins, considered rare treasures, showcase Cambodia’s noteworthy conservation accomplishments. The recent Guinness World Record recognition of the gigantic freshwater stingray, crowned the world’s largest freshwater fish at 300kg, also adds to the Kingdom’s distinctions,” stated the ministry.

The Fisheries Administration (FiA) persists in safeguarding fisheries resources, urging public participation to abstain from harmful activities and gear.

FiA director Poum Sotha said that the FiA and Fisheries Administrations in Phnom Penh and provinces commemorated World Fisheries Day by releasing approximately 3 million fingerlings and about 2,000 mother fish into natural habitats.

Looking ahead, he mentioned ongoing collaborations with ministries, national-level institutions and police commands at provincial and district levels. The focus remains on curbing all fisheries offenses, with a particular aim on addressing the use of illegal fishing gear.

He stated the administration’s efforts to enhance awareness about prohibited fishing equipment among the public, aiming for a better understanding of the proper use of approved fishing gear.

“We work in close collaboration with court prosecutors in provinces to summon offenders and identify individuals suspected of committing fisheries crimes. Our efforts are also directed towards safeguarding and preserving mature female fish, often used for breeding and contributing to the replenishment of fish populations in conservation areas and consistently releasing young fish into their natural habitats,” Sotha said.


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