• June 13, 2024
 Factors that attracted more than 350,000 tourists to Battambang during New Year’s Eve

Factors that attracted more than 350,000 tourists to Battambang during New Year’s Eve

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During the three days from December 29–31, 2023, more than 350,000 national and international tourists visited Battambang province, as the number of visitors increased from year to year.

According to the report of the Department of Tourism of Battambang Province, the statistics of tourists who visited from December 29–31, 2023, totalled 353,708 people. This number is an increase of 67.60% compared to the same three days at the end of 2022, with only 211,038 tourists.

As for the factors that led to the increase in tourists visiting Battambang, the director of the Department of Tourism of Battambang claimed that it was due to 11 factors, such as:

1). location factor: the provincial administration has expanded the location for a wide range of events to be able to visit many places.

2). security and safety due to the presence of forces on duty day and night to facilitate traffic and guest safety.

3). a variety of events, such as two local product exhibitions and one village-one product booth, and the Battambang Khmer Dessert Food Exhibition to celebrate Battambang province becoming a member of the UNESCO Creative City Network in the field of food, giant music venues, fireworks events to celebrate New Year’s Eve, international traditional water sports events, and beautiful and attractive photography locations.

4). the price factor: businesses maintain a reasonable price with a variety of customer service options.

5). Due to economic factors, people began to have a better life than last year.

6). health safety factors: no infectious diseases.

7). the infrastructure of National Road No. 5 to Battambang has been officially inaugurated for the convenience and speed of travel of tourists.

8). the tourist destinations and resort areas have increased to 115 places and are very attractive due to the favourable season for recreation (resorts by the water, clear water), and good weather.

9). the people in the province understand the value of tourism; they understand the hospitality, friendly smiles, and friendly service.

10). Decoration factor in the main locations with colourful lighting and

11). Participation factors: Departments and units have cooperated to organise attractive and diverse food exhibitions, more than twice as many vendors as last year, and increase the variety of food more than last year. Kampuchea Thmey
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